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Frequently Asked Questions

Before requesting a quote, prospective clients want to know a little more about what it’s like to work with me in order to determine if we’ll be a good fit. I’ve included the most frequently asked questions below.

If you would like to have me quote a specific project, or just have a question, you can call me at 714-594-7110 or send an email to  There is no obligation.

What kind of assignments do you handle?

My focus is on enterprise software and high-tech related marketing projects. 

Whether that’s developing your next customer case study, white paper, press release, industry award submission, creating the content for your company website, writing product /service video scripts, lead and sales generation letters, email marketing campaigns, direct mail packages or a variety of other marketing materials you require - I have the experience, talent and track record you want and need to make your next project a success! 

And, I can help you translate technical data into relevant, meaningful, and compelling business messages.

For more information about my specific consulting and copywriting services, take a look at my Services page.

How do you work? Do you quote by the project or hourly?
For consulting services I quote by the project, daily, or hourly depending upon your specific project needs.

For writing services I quote by the project, meaning, I give you a set fee. I don’t change this fee unless the scope of the project changes.  In some cases – where the project is not clearly defined or is recurring in nature – I may have to quote an hourly rate instead, however, even in these cases I will still include a total project time estimate so you know, before you hire me, what the total estimated fee range will be.

Have a project in mind? Let’s talk.

Give me a call at 714-594-7110 or send an email to with the details to see if and how I can help.

What are your terms?
Consulting projects are billable when service is provided.

Writing projects require initial 50% payment of the flat project fee, with the balance 50% due once a first draft is submitted.

For your convenience, I provide electronic invoices which you can pay safely and securely online using your corporate credit card. I also accept company checks.

Do you have a services agreement?

Yes, for each project you will receive a Project Agreement for your review and approval.  The agreement will include all pertinent project details.


What do you need from us to get started on a writing project?

1) Project Agreement & Payment.  Agreement signed and emailed or faxed back, includes project quote.  Payment is 50% of flat project fee for writing projects.

2) Creative Brief.  For writing projects, I will provide this straightforward document for you to fill out and send back or you can provide me with the answers over the phone.  This will provide me with some important information regarding your product/service, offer (if any), target audience, competition and so forth.  Once I receive your answers, along with any other helpful background information, I will probably have some questions that I will either email to you or contact you to schedule a convenient time to discuss.

Will you sign an NDA?
Yes, I will sign a client-provided Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Do you work with competing companies at the same time?
I do not work with competitors of current clients. If you are a software company, I will not take on any projects with a competing software company while working with you.

How can I contact you?

Call: 714-594-7110
Fax: 888-370-1435

Regarding Writing Projects:
Who owns the content once you write it? Do you publish our content under your name?

Once you pay for a project, you own it and retain the copyright. If I write an e-book for your company, this content belongs to you. I do not publish nor use material under my own name that I’ve written for clients.

How long will it take you to write my copy?

I generally ask for two weeks on most projects, but it mainly depends on what you need written.  For example, if you need copy for a large scope integrated promotion or complex white paper, these projects may require more time.  If you need copy for a smaller scale email campaign, that may require less time. 


Always contact me, even if you have a “hot” job, and I’ll let you know if I can meet your deadline – if not, I can refer you to a colleague of mine that may be able to.


How do you handle writing project revisions?

For most projects, I include two sets of requested revisions.  This will be outlined in the project quote.  The only stipulation is that included revisions are requested within 30 days of your receipt of first draft copy, and that they do not involve a change in direction, scope or format.


My goal is to provide you with first draft copy in which you are fully and completely satisfied.  If a revision is requested, all that I ask is for you to take the time to help me pinpoint where the copy is missing the mark and why it’s not right. 


Should you request more than two revisions, I will gladly continue to revise the copy at my standard hourly rate, which is specified in my Project Agreement.


Do you guarantee your work?

While I cannot guarantee specific results – frankly, no reputable copywriter can - I do guarantee that the copy I write will please you.  If you’re not completely satisfied, I’ll rewrite the sections in question (see FAQ regarding handling revisions).  Your copy will be done right and on time. 

Do you do the work yourself or farm it out?
I do the bulk of the work myself. I do refer other specialists for services such as Web design, graphic design, and video editing and production.  I have a virtual assistant who helps me with tasks associated with on-going projects.


Do you understand integrated marcom and why it’s important?

Yes, by combining a variety of effective marketing communication tools, you can expect to receive a bigger return on your promotional campaigns. These components can include email, postal mail, video, websites, PR, social media and blogging, case studies, print and electronic ads, etc. — all targeted to a specific audience, with a consistent message and continuity throughout.  As a result, lead generation and conversions increase, your brand becomes stronger and your customers become more loyal.

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